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Evergest EQ

Evergest EQ

Evergreen Evergest EQ
For Optimal Starch Digestion for Horses

Digestibility of feed is almost as important as its nutrient content.

Evergreen Evergest EQ: A Multi-Enzyme Blend of Non Animal Source Enzymes Especially Formulated for the Digestive System of Horses

The horse has a more complicated digestive system than most as he has two systems; he digests feeds enzymatic ally in the foregut and ferments in the hindgut

Your horse is a natural grazer and its digestive system is designed primarily for the intake of concentrated plant fiber. As concentrated grains and grass under stress become more of a reliable feed source for horses, it has been estimated that less than 60% of grain is digested before entering the cecum. Undigested starch in the cecum quickly ferments to lactic acid by bacteria. Such starch can substantially increase acidity and predispose horses to colic and laminitis, costly and potentially dangerous diseases for horses. Evergreen EvergestEQ with patented Digeseb Equine is a multi enzyme blend of non-animal source enzymes containing a combination of proteases, Alpha & Beta amylases, HemiSeb, lipases and others. HemiSeb is a mixture of various enzymes including cellulases, beta glutanese, xylanase, pectinase, beta galactosidase and phytase. This product is specifically formulated to aid in the digestive system of Horses. Evergreen Evergest EQ is very effective in the pH range of 3 to 8, working continuously throughout the pH variations in the digestive track.

This special enzyme complex is capable of breaking the 1-6 carbon bonds found in legume sugars. These sugars, namely raffinose, stachyose, pentosans, etc, are not digestible in the small intestine. They in turn, pass through the small intestine and enter the large intestine where they are fermented by the microbial flora and produce gas, resulting in bloating, pain and general discomfort.

HemiSeb consists of the enzymes required for hydrolyzing hemicelluloses, pectin, and cellulases. Most vegetarian diets, which consist of legumes, wheat rice, soybean etc. contain certain inherent residues, which are not digested due to a lack of endogenous enzymes. Indigestible plant residues include non-starch polysaccharides (NSP’s) Galactosides, Phytates and other antinutritive factors (ANF) like lectins, tannins, tryspin inhibitors etc. These inherent residues trap (lock) valuable nutrients. HemiSeb unlocks these trapped nutrients and improves digestibility.

HemiSeb also contains the enzyme phytase. Phytase phosphorus, which the vegetarian diet does not often provide the body, is made available by the phytase enzyme. Phytase hydrolyses the phytate bond. Thus HemiSeb unlocks metabolizable energy and nutritive factors trapped in these fibers and make it bio-available to the body. Thus it improves the digestibility, reduces bloating and improves nutritional factors.

We have recently learned that digestibility of a feed is almost as important as its nutrient content. Everything the horse eats must be processed through the digestive tract in order to be used by his body for energy, growth, reproduction and maintenance of health. Often excess starch can’t be digested in the beginning of the tract by the horse’s enzymes for several reasons

1) He just doesn’t have enough enzymes
2) The starch is too compact to be broken down.
3) There isn’t enough time, because most feed goes from the mouth through the foregut and into the hindgut in less than 6 hours. Starch entering the hindgut is used, by starch digesting bacteria, to produce lactic acid. The addition of lactic acid, to the hindgut, results in a lowering of hindgut pH. Many of the beneficial, fiber-digesting bacteria cannot tolerate the more acidic conditions, so they die and release toxins into the hindgut. The presence of these toxins often results in colic and founder.

The Digestive Tract

Foregut- Stomach and small intestine-1-6 hours- Horse Enzymes digest sugar, starch fat and protein

Hindgut – Cecum and Colon -18-36 hours- Bacterial Enzymes digest plant fibers

Evergreen Evergest EQ enzymes reduce the amount of starch transiting to cecum by over 80%. The enzymes in Evergreen Evergest EQ helps prevent excess starch from reaching the lower tract and its potential complications: colic and laminitis.

Enzymes in Evergreen Evergest EQ
*Proteases for effective protein digestion
*Alpha and Beta amylases for starch digestion
*Lipases for fat breakdown
*HemiSeb for breakdown of oligosaccharides from legumes

Provides high digestibility and absorption
Preserves muscle glycogen stores
Reduces the amount of protein and muscle breakdown during stress.
Enhances the body’s production of glutathione , a natural antioxidant
Improves lipid digestibility.

Evergreen Evergest EQ is a natural approach for your Horses’ total health Helps prevent “carbohydrate overload” in horses by breaking down concentrated starch Evergreen Evergest EQ enzymes are effective throughout the pH range of 3-8 in horse intestinal system.

Increases short chain fatty acids for full nutrient value in cecum. Helps protect mucosal lining in large intestine

Overcomes Anti-Nutritional Factors (ANF’S) inherent in today’s feed Helps prevent undigested sugars from causing gas, bloating, pain and general discomfort.

Predisposing Factors of Laminitis
If the horse eats excess grain or grass that is under stress and has accumulated excess non structural carbohydrates (NSC) ie, sugars, starch, fructan, it may be unable to digest all of the carbohydrate in the foregut. The excess moves to the hindgut and ferments in the cecum. The presence of this fermenting carbohydrate in the cecum causes proliferation of lactic acid bacteria and an increase in acidity. This process kills beneficial bacteria, which ferment fiber. The endotoxins and exotoxins may then be absorbed into the bloodstream, due to increased gut permeability caused by irritation of the gut lining by increased acidity. The endotoxaemia results in impaired circulation particularly in the feet. The result is laminitis.

Evergreen Evergest EQ features BPPS Technology
Bioactive Protein Peptide System

A unique delivery system that helps enzymes unlock vital nutrients from grains and other feed ingredients. BPPS delivery system maximizes the nutritional value of today’s concentrated feeds.
• Provides increased enzyme stability for greater digestibility, nutrient absorption & utilization of feed
• Increased nutrition preserves muscle glycogen stores • Improved protein digestion reduces muscle breakdown during stress
• Enhances endogenous glutathione, a natural antioxidant.
• Improves lipid digestibility
• Lower incidence of hindgut starch fermentation.
• Lower risk of acidosis in hindgut
• Reduces risk of colic and laminitis associated with hindgut acidosis.
• Strengthens the Immune System

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