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is the ultimate bone and joint supplement for the horse... click here

Osteo - Aide

Osteo - Aide

Osteo-Aide is the Ultimate Bone & Joint Supplement for the horse. It has been formulated with specific guidelines of helping to build the equine athlete. Osteo-Aide will support bones and joints to work together. Osteo-Aide is an essential nutrient supplement that will help support broodmares in their last trimester, growing foals, horses in training and horses with bone (DOD & OCD formations) and joint related problems. Osteo-Aide promotes bone growth with flexibility and elasticity to the bone. Osteo-Aide is the nutritional supplement for building today’s bones and tomorrows champions.

Unlike other supplements on the market for developing the young equine athlete, Osteo-Aide contains Sodium Zeolite A the only bioavailable source of Silicon with added minerals and joint nutrients. Absorption is Key: For absorption to occur it must be with Sodium Zeolite A (Which is the only clinically proven source of Silicon bioavailable as a monosilicic acid). Silicon is an essential ingredient for stronger bones, connective tissues and flexible joints Silicon is a major ion in osteogenic cells, which are the bone-forming cells in young, uncalcified bone. Silicon plays an ongoing role in maintaining bones after formation in a process called remodeling. Silicon is known to act as a cross linking agent which connects and stabilizes the glycosaminoglycan (GAGS) networks. Bone health depends on Silicon.

There is an ever growing volume of research demonstrating the effects of proper nutrition and planned exercise regimes on the bone development in young horses. While oats and hay can sustain and even increase a horse’s growth, it probably will not provide optimum nutrition for correct skeletal formation. Optimal bone formation requires adequate mineral intake balanced with energy, protein and vitamin intakes.

Osteo-Aide offers the incredible results of using Silicon, (Sodium Zeolite A 18000 mg) for healthy bone development with the added joint support of the cross linking agents of Glucosamine (4000 mg) Chondroitin Sulfate (1400 mg) Yucca (10000 mg) and Ester C (2500mg). Osteo-Aide is a revolutionary new product for essential bone and joint health.

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Promote equine health with comprehensive support for horse bones and horse joints with Osteo-Aide horse joint supplement.

Osteo-Aide is the ultimate supplement for supporting horse bones and horse joints. In the variety of equine products and equine supplies available, few equine joint supplements offer the complete support of Osteo-Aide, our exclusive joint supplement for horses. From foal to adult, even for broodmares and athletes, our supplement for equine health and strong bones is a powerful ally in maintaining bone strength and elasticity. And for arthritis and OCD, equine supplement products are difficult to find, but Osteo-Aide even provides complete support for arthritis, OCD, Epiphysitis and more. Your search for the best in equine joint supplements is over.

Whether you're here for horse minerals or Omega 3 fish oil, this is one product for equine health that you shouldn't pass up. When a joint supplement for horses offers bone and skeletal support this complete you may wonder why. The answer is Sodium Zeolite A, the only bioavailable source of silicon. By aiding in absorption, Sodium Zeolite A makes Osteo-Aide a leader in equine joint supplements. You won't find a better horse joint supplement at a better price. Even as an arthritis and OCD equine supplement, this product is unique. With restorative effects and skeletal strengthening properties equine joint supplements from Evergreen is the best investment you can make in equine products or equine supplies.

So take a closer look and see for yourself. For healthy horse bones and horse joints, Osteo-Aide joint supplement for horses is the only choice. By strengthening your horse's entire frame, our horse joint supplement promotes total equine health. For young foals Osteo-Aide is a critical equine growing supplement. So whether you're shopping for equine supplies or healthy products for your horse, you've come to the right place. We're leading the charge with our unique equine products and equine joint supplements.
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Osteo-Aide 10 LBS. Bucket - 32 day supply
Osteo-Aide 10 LBS. Bucket - 32 day supply Product ID : Osteo-Aide 10 LBS. Bucket
A 10 LBS. Bucket of Osteo-Aid provides for a 32 day supply.
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Price: $79.95
Osteo-Aide 15 LBS. Bucket - 48 day supply
Osteo-Aide 15 LBS. Bucket - 48 day supply Product ID : Osteo-Aide 15 LBS. Bucket
A 15 LBS. Bucket of Osteo-Aid provides for a 48 day supply.
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Price: $117.00
Osteo-Aide 35 LBS. Bucket - 112 day supply
Osteo-Aide 35 LBS. Bucket - 112 day supply Product ID : Osteo-Aide 35 LBS. Bucket
A 35 LBS. Bucket of Osteo-Aid provides for a 112 day supply.
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Price: $266.00
Osteo-Aide 50 LBS Bucket - 160 day supply
Osteo-Aide 50 LBS Bucket - 160 day supply Product ID : Osteo-Aide 50 LBS. Bucket
A 50 LBS. Bucket of Osteo-Aid provides for a 160 day supply.
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Price: $370.00

4 Item(s) Page 1 of 1 |   1

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