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Are Electrolytes Important?
As a general rule, whenever the horse is under unusual stress. Long trailer rides, if the weather spikes 85 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter. When he works in heat plus humidity, that make it extra-difficult for him to dissipate heat. When he sweats profusely.When he works harder or longer than he is use to.

Post-exercise restoration of fluids and electrolytes can be achieved with proper supplementation. Horses that are managed well and have received adequate amounts of electrolytes prior to competition can tolerate electrolyte losses, with a reduced risk of conditions such as synchronous diaphragmatic flutter (thumps) or exertional rhabdomyolysis.

Essentialytes is a carefully formulated oral electrolyte supplement for Horses designed to supply additional electrolytes that may be lost by dehydration during strenuous exercise, hot weather, trailering ,ect. This product does not contain sugars that would alter blood insulin levels. The most important electrolyte as far as restoring fluid is Sodium.

What Are Electrolytes?
“Mineral compounds that can dissociate into ions in the body.”

What Are The Main Electrolytes?
Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium, Essentialytes is formulated with these trace minerals in a chemical form for improved mineral absorption and utilization. This formulation is physiologically correct so it is non-upsetting to the stomach.

Introducing leading edge research in equine electrolytes and horse nutrition supplements.

Evergreen Equine is proud to bring you Essentialytes, a horse supplement designed to maintain optimum levels of electrolytes in your horse. From transportation to work, competition and more, your horse can quickly lose electrolytes as its body works to stay cool. With an equine electrolyte you can help prevent damaging health conditions that may threaten your horse's health and well-being. Our horse electrolytes are designed to be administered orally and contain a variety of trace minerals that are critical to maintaining hydration. From horse pre-race supplements to horse health care products, few things are more important to your horses performance and quality of life than maintaining hydration. Equine dehydration can seriously affect your animal and Essentialytes, one of the most advanced equine products available, is designed to prevent it.

If you're not in the market for horse nutrition supplements like our exclusive equine electrolyte, you probably should be. As the seasons change so too will your horse's needs. With hydration maintenance horse supplements from Evergreen you can help ensure your animal's overall health. Whether it's used as horse pre-race supplements or as general horse health care products to achieve optimum health, horse electrolytes are great for your horse. Preventing equine dehydration can be difficult when several equine products aimed at keeping electrolytes in the body cause adverse side effects. We're proud to say that Essentialytes achieve the essential balance your horse needs to stay hydrated without upsetting his stomach.

So for complete support of your horse's electrolytes, take a look at Essentialytes. Of all equine products available for preventing equine dehydration, ours is the natural approach. Horse supplements, from horse pre-race supplements to general horse nutrition supplements and more, Evergreen is bringing you horse health care products for the life of your horse. For horse electrolytes and horse supplements that make an impact on performance and health, stick with Evergreen Equine.
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Essentialytes Powder Bucket - 5 LBS
Essentialytes Powder Bucket - 5 LBS Product ID : Essentialytes - 5 LBS
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Essentialytes - Powder Bucket 10 LBS
Essentialytes -  Powder Bucket 10 LBS Product ID : Essentialytes - 10 LBS
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Essentialytes Powder Bucket - 20 LBS
Essentialytes Powder Bucket - 20 LBS Product ID : Essentialytes - 20 LBS
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Essentialytes Powder Bucket - 50 LBS
Essentialytes Powder Bucket - 50 LBS Product ID : Essentialytes - 50 LBS
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Essentialytes Gel - Case Lot 12 Doses
Essentialytes Gel - Case Lot 12 Doses Product ID : Essentialyte Gel
Essentialyte Gel comes in a case lot of 12 dose, each dose is 60 CC....
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Price: $114.95

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