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Nurtured Nutrition

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Insure Minerals
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Building Bone


Horses are Athletes that will have huge demands on their structural frame their whole life. It is paramount to build and maintain the structural integrity of their bone. Why? So one does not have the disappointment of facing lameness and unsoundness or huge bone and joint problems that can plaque the horseís ability to function properly. Through research we know we can influence a foalís growth and development for better or worse by the nutrition we provide.


Feeding horses is a constant balancing act. Paying careful attention to not too much or too little. The interplay between management and nutrition is complex. While we canít change their genetic map we can help alter the course via proper management. The nutritional support a foal receives can have a profound effect on its health and soundness for the rest of its life.

High quality roughage (hay/pasture) supplemented with low carbohydrate concentrates a proper balanced mineral- INSURE for their calcium/ phosphorus and mineral intake. Osteo-Aide, to help build and support better bones and joints Always, unlimited clean fresh water. Make sure feeds contain the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, energy and protein. Strive for balance.

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