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Building Structure


Building the structural skeletal formations of all horses is a balancing of genetics, environment, management and definitely balanced nutrition. Horses are athletes with a relatively long life span. Correct bone formation and skeletal correctness is essential if the horse is to be successful as an athlete. The horse’s skeleton is comprised mostly of bone. Bone is a living organism and it forms the structural framework which supports the body.


Whether you’re raising a pedigreed foal with show ring promise or a homebred baby for recreational trail or a racehorse, developmental orthopedic disease (DOD) can put all those dreams in jeopardy. A collection of bone and joint abnormalities that arise in young, rapidly growing horses, DOD can lead to lifelong soundness issues, from mild to crippling.

Given the time, money and emotion directed in getting these foals started correctly, allowing optimum bone growth is paramount. The future of these foals is dependent on developing their skeletal framework.

All the answers are not there yet—exactly how these metabolic processes affect bone growth and mineralization is still not clear, but given the recent studies it can be said with confidence that paying attention to carbohydrates and minerals is key in any nutritional program.

In utero, equine bone begins with cartilage. In the three to four months prior to birth, the cartilage starts to be converted into hard bone through a process called ossification. This is when the cartilage cells are mineralized with calcium, phosphorus and magnesium compounds. The trace minerals Silicon (Sodium Zeolite A) copper and zinc also play a key role in this process. By the time a foal is born, 80 percent of his bone is ossified. Trace minerals serve as catalysts for many of the biochemical reactions occurring in the body. The structural foundation of the future horse’s success can be laid down before the foal is born. Ensuring the broodmare has the correct balance of minerals to pass on to her newborn is essential for the right start of building the skeletal frame.

The principal utilization of Calcium and Phosphorus in the body is for the development of strong bones and teeth. These minerals are required in the greatest abundance for proper bone and teeth formations. Deficiencies or imbalances may result in abnormal bone and teeth growth.

Thereafter, cartilage ossification remains critical to normal bone growth. The incorporation of newly ossified cells into the bone shaft increases the overall length of bone—in fact, a newborn youngster’s legs may grow by as much as an inch a week. Normally this process continues until culminating into strong, healthy bones with fully ossified epiphyseal plates. Bone is a dynamic living tissue and is continually renewing itself, so the normal state for bone is a continual balance between old bone being dissolved (Osteoclasts) and new bone being laid down (Osteoblasts) However, when the ossification process is disrupted by trauma, nutritional imbalances or other factors, permanent defects in the cartilage or bone can result in DOD.

In summary, helping a horse grow from utero to a strong athletic adult is a challenging nutritional responsibility. Assessing your horse’s diet is a constant balancing act. Sound nutrition comes from supporting optimal growth without providing too much or too little. Utilizing concentrates that are formulated specifically to meet the mineral and protein needs for proper growth is essential.

Osteo-Aide offers the incredible results of using

Silicon (Sodium Zeolite A,18000 mg) enhances the speed and volume of bone repair with the added joint support of the cross linking agents of
Glucosamine HCI (4000 mg)
Chondroitin Sulfate (1400mg)
Yucca (10000 mg)
Ester C (2500mg)

Osteo-Aide is a revolutionary new supplement for essential bone and joint health. Its unique combination of exceptional bone and joint supplements provides integrated bone repair. Click Here

How can INSURE Help?

INSURE is one of the only Chelated 12/12 Horse Minerals (Chelation of minerals provides a tremendous advantage because they increase the efficiency of absorption and translocation of the minerals). Chelated minerals are about 40% more efficient in regards to absorption and assimilation into the body than metallic minerals. INSURE offers the daily requirement of Calcium and Phosphorus along with other important trace minerals. The horse’s skeleton is of vital importance for continual support of the animals performance.

Because bone tissue is alive and in a constant state of mineral (calcium and phosphorus) deposition and resorption the horse requires a constant source of these minerals to maintain body reserves. The bone acts as a mineral depot which these minerals are constantly being resorbed and laid down in a continuing process of growth and remodeling. Bone also acts as a mineral depot from which the body draws, supplies of specific minerals for the proper maintenance and function of soft tissues and body fluids. Click Here .

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