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I have used Evergreen Everyme EQ for a couple of years. No one offers a complete enzyme in powder form for horses. I used it for my COPD horse for inflammation and Everzyme EQ has healed his damaged lung tissue, as they soften scar tissue. Systematic proteolytic enzymes are the missing link in healing a COPD horse. So very fortunate I found Evergreen, so is my horse!!
Thank you,
Fonna Lawhon
Ft. Myers, FL

Hello Evergreen,
I have used your everzyme EQ for one of our filly’s who had a serious injury to her fetlock, tearing major ligaments. Because of repeated tearing she had a huge amount of scar tissue build up. So the vet advised us that we should put her down. I refused and found your wonderful supplement, that literally ate away the scar tissue in her leg. She is now out in the pasture with her buddy’s as I write this.

We have rescued a mini, who has laminitis and was wondering if the enzymes could help her and what your thoughts where on this.
Thank you,
Jennifer Beckman, Director
Ocala Equine Rescue

I was turned onto Evergreen INSURE Loose Minerals by my dear friend Dr Katy Byrd DVM. I had been feeding Platinum, Ultium and although our stock looked great I was willing to give it a try. After a period of about three weeks their coats and attitudes all improved! I now refer clients to this product almost daily. I’m an Equine Dental Practioner and travel a lot. I love that the minerals are ‘Free Choice” so all my pastured animals are kept maintained even while I’m gone. I also noticed my young stock seems to have their head in the game and not in the clouds, making training easier and quicker.

My clients who have had issues with coat, muscle building, and overall performance have all experienced drastic improvements. I am extremely satisfied with Evergreen INSURE Minerals!!
Melissa Shurr
AED Certified Equine Dental Practioner
Sacramento, CA

I have been using Evergreen products with great success in my practice for the past 15 years. I have found Osteo-Aide to be excellent for the treatment and prevention of common nutritional deficits that cause epiphysitis in foals. Approximately five years ago I started using Evergreen Evergest EQ with great success in treating horses that had been suffering from chronic digestive issues that cause diarrhea and colic.

Over the years, Evergreen Equine has consistently provided quality products for my equine patients and I would recommend their products to any of my clients for both treatment and prevention of equine disease.
M.Wayne McNeel D.V.M.
Murrieta Equine Health Management

I work with race horses before and after their careers are over. Close to a hundred percent of the older horses come to us with joint injuries. We have found using OSTEO-AIDE has reduced and even eliminated these issues, particularly those due to arthritis and for younger horse’s lesions, after the use of OSTEO-AIDE, disappear. We believe OSTEO-AIDE is one of the best bone and joint supplements on the market.
CERF/California Equine Retirement Foundation, INC
Grace Belacuore, Founder

Last August my horse foundered and suffered from chronic laminitis. By November he could barely walk and his x-rays were looking very grim. It seemed like nothing we did helped and his condition continued to deteriorate. Someone recommended I try him on Evergreen Everzyme EQ product to promote healing.

I contacted Debbie at Evergreen Equine Products and immediately started my horse on the Everzyme EQ and the Evergest EQ products. I believe that the enzymes combined with using gel boots, cryotherapy, calendula ointment on his hooves, and pulsed magnetic field therapy treatments have helped us accomplish nothing short of a miracle.

By January my horse was walking very comfortably for the first time in months. By April he was starting to trot and buck again. Just this last week we celebrated a huge victory- he is wearing horse shoes again and he can trot, canter, buck, play and he just feels great!! His x-rays look amazing and every day he is looking more and more like the horse he was before this terrible ordeal started.
Dana Green
Laguna Niguel, CA

Hi There,
I just wanted to let you know that my horse has had squirt diarrhea since June last year.. My vet told me it was allergies, and suggested antihistamines.. It helped but the minute I stopped giving it to him ( 25 pills a day!!) it started all over again... I stared the EverGest this last Monday 1/19, and as of Yesterday 1/21 his stomach is 100% fine. I am totally amazed and will keep using this product.
Have a nice day!
Tone Evensen
San Francisco, CA

“I heard about your product OSTEO-AIDE from a client who swears it has eliminated the incidence of OCD lesion’s in their young horses.  As a commercial breeder of Quarter horse and Thoroughbred race horses, offering a “Clean” product through the sales ring is paramount to our success!  We had a small number of yearlings show up with some minor radiographic deficiencies this year so we supplemented them with a 90 day trial of OSTEO-AIDE.  At the completion of treatment, we re-took X-rays on those horses; all but one came back 100% clean!  The lesions literally vanished!  I am convinced; OSTEO-AIDE was the cure!”
Kevin Dickson, Farm Manager
Vessels Stallion Farm, Bonsall CA

“I have used OSTEO-AIDE from Evergreen Equine Products for the past 2 1/2 years while raising Quarter Horse babies.  It is one of the best bone and joint supplements I have found on the market today.  We had a number of colts that had some potential joint issues that after feeding OSTEO-AIDE for 2-3 months the issues were resolved.  I personally own a filly that was showing some issues of developmental problems and after feeding OSTEO-AIDE for 3 months, the issues were completely resolved.  I have continued to feed OSTEO-AIDE as a maintenance supplement to build strong healthy bones.  I would highly recommend OSTEO-AIDE to anyone raising babies.”
Kurt Crawford, Director
Equine Operations M3 Companies American Ranch

“I have been using Evergreen Products for over 15 months and noticed a drastic difference in both my Dressage horses.  My Fresian DUEK (the Zorro Rides Again Movie Horse) and I just received our SILVER MEDAL!! (Prior to using Evergreen Products we could not get out of 3RD level!)  My Andalusian has NO signs of arthritis and moves beautifully now.
Thanks Evergreen for giving my horses what they really needed to perform their BEST!”
Kristi Ullman & DUEK.. Zorro Rides Again!
Santa Ynez, CA

“I think we are BELIEVERS!!  I put two horses on the OSTEO-AIDE and the one who has been having the most problems has had a complete turn around.  He is moving willingly again, back in lessons, his only hick-up now is his stubbornness (which we are use to!)”
WE would appreciate being put on a monthly shipment.
Tonya Danielly, Executive Director
Ivey Ranch Park Association, Oceanside, CA  

“We did not anticipate its effectiveness as a hoof supplement.  We tried ALL the supplements, paint-ons and every treatment advertised but nothing really helped.  Amazingly, after just a month on EVERGREEN INSURE MINERALS, the cracks not only stopped, they actually began to disappear.  This stuff really works.  We are totally sold and you may consider us a life time customer!”
Claudia and Bob Turner
Turning Point Farms

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