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Everzyme EQ 540 GRAMS
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Everzyme EQ 540 GRAMS

Price: $90.00
Product ID: EverzymeEQ540g
Weight: 1.00 lbs
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540 Gram Bottle Evergreen Everzyme EQ (60 servings) is formulated with one of the ultimate patented systemic enzymes available for horses today, Exclzyme Equine. This formula is a multi enzyme blend of non animal source enzymes containing a combination of proteases as well as other enzymes to facilitate movement as well as tissue and muscle healing. A special blend of fungal Protease, bromelain and papain are combined with Peptizyme SP, a powerful peptidase derived from Serratia spp T1. This peptidase enzyme is used worldwide for its inflammatory properties. The formula also contains doses of amylase and lipase as well as a natural gooseberry called Amla. This unique berry provides synergistic support to the enzyme blend. Evergreen Everzyme EQ also contains Rutin, an important bioflavonoid that helps repair damaged tissue. This is an exceptional natural choice for horses suffering from arthritis, joint pain, inflammation and wound healing. Evergreen Everzyme EQ is very effective for an active athletic horse to ensure a prompt recovery from soreness and inflammation due to stress and over activity. Evergreen Everzyme EQ with Exclzyme EQ has been clinically tested on 6 race horses.
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