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One 30 oz bottle - Approximately 30 Day Supply
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One 30 oz bottle - Approximately 30 Day Supply

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Product ID: Omega 3 - One 30 oz bottle
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This is the purest form of clinical grade fish oilavailable. EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) are the good fats that are essential for everyday optimum health. They are essential to every cell and play a critical role in immune, cardiovascular, and nerve function. They are essential because the body cannot produce them, therefore supplementation is necessary. Deficiencies of the essential fatty acids create problems with coat, skin, immune function and reproduction. Today many of our horses are loaded with Omega 6 which can be pro-inflammatory and are extremely depleted of Omega 3 which are anti-inflammatory creating an unbalance. Omega 3 fatty acids control many of the most basic functions of the cell. Cellular circulation is deeply affected by the intake of fatty acids, which in turn affects the fluidity of the cell membrane. Increasing the Omega 3 content of the diet significantly increases cell- membrane fluidity and hence allows more nutrients to reach the cells themselves. Every cell in every organism has an innate (genetic) program for building health. The program can do its job if given the proper tools. These tools are essential nutrients. Without Omega 3 fatty acids even the best genes cannot build healthy cells. Multiple benefits from fat sources high in Omega 3 fatty acids, particularly eicosapentaeonoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Beneficial effects include decreasing blood lipid concentrations and increasing membrane fluidity and insulin sensitivity. Omega 3 fish oil with EPA/DHA provides great benefits to cells, cardiac, brain, joint, skin and digestive systems. Pure cellular support! Enriching diets with essential nutrients from nature enables cells to fix their defects or recycle damaged ones, and return to normal functions. If we know the components of health (essential nutrients) and design a program containing these components of health in optimum quantities, the animals cure themselves. Omega 3 fish oil the key building blocks in every cell membrane in the body. It appears that proper fats and oil nutrition are coming to the forefront for balanced and optimal nutrition.

Cell Function

EPA and DHA, the active fatty acids found in Evergreen Equine Omega 3 are critical for proper cell membrane function. They are the elastic gate keepers of the cell, allowing for the proper nutrients to cross the cell membrane. Inferior types of fatty acids can cause the cell membrane to become stiff and then it loses its protective function. This causes the luster of the coat, skin and hoofs to suffer.


Is coming to the forefront as the culprit of many serious diseases. It all comes down to diet. The foods consumed determine the inflammatory levels. Pain comes from the over production of "bad" eicosanoids . There are also "good" eicosanoids, balance is the key. Over production of insulin will put you in inflammation. Utilizing Evergreen Equine Omega 3 oil will go directly to helping achieve eicosanoid balance. This balance is good fats (Omega 3) are the building blocks of "good" eicosanoids and Omega 6 ( Modified Vegetable Fats) are the building blocks of "bad" eicosanoids.

Modified Fats

The major obstacle has been from the seed oil industry. An elaborate refining process was developed to extend shelf life of oils such as corn and safflower. This process heated, degummed, bleached, deodorized and preserved with synthetic antioxidants. The shelf life is extended but there is very little nutritional value left and this becomes a bad fat. The EFA’s in oil that has been subjected this refining process function differently in the body than the EFA’s found in fresh, unrefined oils. Refining alters the structure and shape of EFA’s. Although they can still fit into the same metabolic pathways, they cannot carry out the same vital biochemical functions. The enzymes that attempt to metabolize them will be deactivated. Normal fatty acid metabolism will be obstructed. Unfortunately the tissue of the domestic horse has become high in Omega 6 fatty acids, in contrast to the range fed animals that are rich in Omega 3.

Athletic Performance Horses

Omega 3 Fish Oil is known to decrease muscle breakdown, decrease inflammation, increase muscle growth, speed recovery time, support optimal hormone secretion, support healthy joints and connective tissue. Using fat for energy allows the horse’s muscle to become more efficient. This allows for minimal lactic build-up, with shorter recovery time.

EIPH in Thoroughbred Race horses

Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH) is initiated by an acute bronchial inflammation reaction, creating a negative interstitial fluid pressure followed by a leak of mucus and blood into the lungs. Omega 3 Fish Oil can possibly help in three methods:

1) Peripheral vasodilation
2) Anti-inflamation
3) Improved immunity system

Research has proven, Omega 3 Fish Oil is likely to lower incidents of EIPH by reducing blood pressure levels and heart rate. It may also increase pulmonary vasodilation and reduce bronchial irritation/inflammation.

Fatty Acid Metabolism

There is a very important distinction between the Omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil and the Omega 3 fatty acids in flax seeds or oil. The Omega 3 fatty acids in flax are not the same as in fish oil. The oil in flax is called alpha linolenic acid (ALA). It must go through a metabolic transformation before it is converted into final Omega 3 fatty acids called EPA and DHA. This transformation is controlled by an enzyme called delta-6-desaturase (D6D). This conversion diminishes how much EPA/DHA you receive. With Fish Oil it is a direct source of EPA/DHA.

Reproduction and Fertility

EFA’s are necessary for hormone production. Fatty Acids are the building blocks for three major membranes found in cells throughout the body – the outer cell membrane, the nuclear membrane, and the mitochondrial (cellular powerhouse) membrane. When it comes to membrane fatty acids, what you eat is what you get. The fatty acids on the sperm and egg that joined to conceive are that which comes from the diet. Hormone regulation and proper prostaglandin pathways is critical with proper EFA’s. Lowering inflammation plays a crucial part.

Enhanced Coat, Skin and Hoof Integrity

Keratin, the structural protein that determines the growth and strength of the hoof is controlled by eicosanoids. "Good" eicosanoids increase its synthesis, leading to rapid hoof growth with excellent strength. Keratin is the principal structural component of hair.

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